price reduced on leftover 9 second combo parts for this weekend only...


Breaking parts
May 28, 2001
lowering prices to see if i can get rid of the leftover parts...prices will go back up to the listing i had before if these do not sell by this monday then i will sit on the parts for the time being

14 bolt full race ported Champion aluminun GN1 heads...ported by champion, comes with 1.5 scorpion roller rockers and ARP head sturds...$1900 shipped

Precision dual ball bearing 70hpq turbo. .85 housing, comes iwth steel braided oil feed line. turbo has only about 1000miles since i got it from a guy who had basically no miles on it. wastegate hole already ported. this turbo has been proven on this page to go low 9's and high 140's...$1400 shipped

Ported lower intake manifold by VPE racing in egr, port matched by me later on for a felpro 1200 hole could use new threads as it has a stud in it for now for my setup..comes with new felpro gaskets and sheet metal valley pan..$185 shipped

siemens 83lb injectors that were flow matched when i got them and i have had them for about 8 months...$185 shipped

BOPth350 with 3400 pats performace convertor...went 9's with a 1.48 60' with this setup...prefer local sale on this as well..$525 bucks

Caspers electronics xfi adapter to gn computer harness..$150 shipped

Cam sensor...$40shipped

billet vaccum block on top of throttle body....$30 shipped
for those looking for pics pleasae send me your email...and i will also have a pic of those injectors this week...
why dont people that wants to sell stuff local, put where they live,,,,,
interested in the 350 trans...