Programing 27sf512 chip?


Aug 10, 2001
I have purchased an adapter from Moates to install a 27sf512 chip into my ecu and I am trying to burn a program onto this chip with no sucess. The program that I am trying to burn onto the 27sf512 is a program I took off of a 2732a chip. I am using a moates flash and burn and the errors I get are: chip start address must be divisible by 64, chip memory range must be divisible by 64, source memory range should be divsible by 64. I know that the memory is different on the two chips and I am not sure how to set up the chip addressing and buffer addrssing in the program. Can anyone point me in the right dirrection?
I know you've posted this before and gotten no help. It's not that we don't want to, it is that no one here that I know of is using that programmer and chip. I think this really is something you are going to have to call Craig about. I've always heard he gives great support, so call him.
I second that, back when I was trying to do my own chip programming Craig helped me more thana few times. I wish I could remember what the offset was supposed to be...but I think I was using 27c256's because either way both are bigger than the stock chip if I remember correctly.

If you don't mind me asking, what do you plan on doing with those chips/burn1? Anything like wideband correction? :) I spent a while trying to figure that out...reading the (what seems like) endless source code from a stock chip...yea, I got nowhere. heh.

Someone patched WB correction into the SyTy chip...but I could never find it for ours.
I am just begining to learn chip tuning for these cars and I just want tinker around and try to improve on the chip I already have in the car for now. I would eventually like to to incorporate w/b correction into one if I could. I also read some threads on the sy/ty forums and that sort of thing interest me. Right now I am in the learning stages for this car. I did a small amount of tuning on my old Civic and the programs they had for rom editing for those cars was soo easy compared to what is avail. for GN's. Mabye I just need more time getting familiar with the program.
what chip are you trying to tune? If its a stock chip (with/without a tune in it) you should be OK to use TunerPro with the type $31 defs. But if it's a completely aftermarket chip (like TT i think) then those defs may not be correct for some/most things. Just a guess though. It all has to do with addressing. Have you gotten the chip definitions yet?
well that i cant say for sure if it will work.

you need chip defs to tell the program (tunerpro) you're using what addresses will edit what functions/tables of the chip. eg, spark advance vs. coolant temp vs. rpm or power enrichment vs. load vs. rpm...that kind of thing. those 3d tables are confusing to me which is why i gave up on chip tuning and called eric at TT... :)
Actually you gotta make sure the file youre putting in is the same size as what you took out and you need to find out how Moates adapter makes the addressing work. You cant just put the chip in and viola it works, its got to "appear" the same to the ECM. So.. if you find out the areas his adapter addresses, I can tell you how to program it. Its similar to how you have to program a thumbwheel, which also uses the same chip.
I agree, thats what the offsetting is for. As far as size, I've changed a few tables here and there but never thought to check the size afterward. The files loaded up fine though. I was using Moates Ostrich though and not burning chips.

Wanna buy an Ostrich eeprom emulator, Under? :) No more burning and swapping can make changes to the bin (chip image) without even shutting off the car. :)
I am interested in the ostrich. How much? I e-mailed Moates he said to try the start offset 0X8000 and end at 0XFFFF. Does this sound right?