Project Car/Build for the board.. "Rusty Silver Bullet" seeking 10's ASAP!


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May 24, 2001
Hi guys and gals. I recently picked up a project car a few weeks ago in Auburn Hills Michigan.. and I mean a project. Its gonna be called "Project Rusty Silver Bullet" Its has alot of rust as you can see in the picts.:D The floors are pretty good and frame is very solid. Rockers, doors, etc.. not so Its hasn't lived a charmed life to say the least.

Anyway its a bone stock (Still has the cat converter on it, valve cover breather it still hooked up to the turbo inlet! Only mod is a dirty old k&n filter) 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T with 105k miles. Its silver with black out package with grey bucket seat interior.. Its a hardtop with the following options. Posi, power windows, locks, driver seat, rear defog, cruise, etc. Its pretty loaded up.

The story I was given was the car has sat outside and hasn't been started in the last 10 years! It was parked by the org owner and not driven due to a leaking gas tank and fuel line but was supposed to run. The tires are rotten, has no gas tank (it was removed and thrown out). I'm going to do a rapid build up on this car to show what it is I do with these cars regardless of condition or miles. I have done several builds like this in the past but never documented it publicly. I plan on running this car stock, then going 13's, 12's, 11's and then into the 10's by then end of the season. (hopefully in 3 months or less total as my work schedule, and customer turbo Buick work allows) I plan on doing it with all used parts from the boards and as cheap as possible.. just to show it can be done and using the bone stock short block.. maybe even the stock 100k mile cam! I plan on fully documenting the process step by step by videos and pictures.

Some vendors have already expressed interest in donating some parts if needed as have friends from the board who want to donate extra old parts for the "Bullet". Vince Janis of Janis Transmission has already offered to donate a Stage 1 built 2004r trans when it is needed. I am going to push the stock 100k trans as far as it can take us before making that switch.

I will have my 16 year old nephew helping me with this project and HE will be doing alot of the driving and local friend Brian Horsky (Turbo6Camaro) will be helping turn wrenches as his time allows and we both will also be doing alot of driving of the project as well. Looking forward to making big horsepower with this cars stock untouched org engine and showing what even an old worn out beat down LC2 231 Turbo V6 can still do! I will be making alot of updates to the thread in the coming days and weeks both here and on facebook. Thanks for reading and following project1.jpg


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I will have a set of 50lbs injectors in the next week or so that will be for sale. I also have a factory gas tank and hanger.
Neat project. No problem with tens on the factory short block with over 100,000 as I did it back in 90s with a 61 turbo.
I will have a set of 50lbs injectors in the next week or so that will be for sale. I also have a factory gas tank and hanger.

PM Sent Rob.. Thanks!

Neat project. No problem with tens on the factory short block with over 100,000 as I did it back in 90s with a 61 turbo.

Thanks Kip! I agree.. I have done several over the years as well. First time with a car this on its "death bed" if you will.. alot of guys would have just parted the car out. Also this is as much to help my nephew understand how this is done with these cars as to show some of new guys how us old school guys who have been dealing with these cars for as long as we have do it!:D
This car is gonna be a lot of fun. Can't wait to get going on it. Let me tell you the car is rough but the frame is rock solid. Brian is a top notch guy and if there is anybody that can make this car turn those numbers it's him.
Things are moving along quickly on the "project". I rigged up a fuel can and pump to test the fuels lines out to see where they stand. It was leaking badly at the drivers floor. I replaced the line from the from the fuel filter forward almost to the cradle. I also seen the rear brakes line is bad in the same area leading to the rear end. I will be replacing all of those lines as well. I added some picts of all the stock parts that were still untouched and on this car. I have secured a good TR tank, straps, cushions, hardware and sending unit. I will be adding a Red's XP pump to get it fired up.project13.jpg


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I installed a good used tank in the car today. I satin blacked the tank, I bead blasted and painted the straps, soaked the cushions in red soap and everything came out looking new. I installed aproject12.jpg Red's XP pump in the tank and installed it. Im going to get fuel and will try to start the car tomorrow for the first time in its 10 year hibernation. See what happens...


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Thanks Dan! If you get some time.. we will be trying to put the car on the track every Friday night at Dragway 42. Maybe you can make it out.[/quote]

Yea Ill be out there, looking forward to seeing it run..You bringing the Limited to Norwalk?
What did you paint the straps with cause that looks like bare metal? I like it.

Its actually some just normal silver paint that Eastwood sells. I primed them and put prob 5 coats of paint on them.

[/quote]Yea Ill be out there, looking forward to seeing it run..You bringing the Limited to Norwalk?[/quote]

Good deal! Yes I will have the gold car there.

Well after 10 years of not running.. its running! Fresh gas, battery and I primed the oil pump it fired up almost instantly and it actually ran and idled pretty well. It has a maf code tripping and I'm sure the stock unit is prob shot. I have one for it and will change it out and get it on the road asap. Also gotta replace those rear brake lines. Even as bad as that alternator looks its somehow charging:) I cant wait to power wash the engine bay out just to knock down all the cobwebs that are everywhere on this thing:D

Stay tuned..
Subscribed...sounds like gonna dump that plasic timing chain at least?

I'm on the fence with that Gary:D I don't wanna change anything until I get the numbers I'm after with it unopened up. Every trip to the track the car will have something else added.. maybe a few things. I will keep accurate records of everything the car gets every trip. Just have to see how things go.. This journey could end soon with a catastrophic failure 2 passes into it as I have no idea what kind of a life this engine has had with oil changes, maintenance and other things that factor into it.