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May 30, 2010
Hello crowd. I am in a market for a new dual exhaust system, cat back with stock exit locations.

Are there any Pros/Cons to Pypes vs. Hooker? Any other reasonably priced dual systems I should consider?

Thank you for any help.
I had hookerfor 10 years and changed to pypes when it rusted out. Hooker was quieter. Pypes is more straight thru design with a bit of drone. I didnt notice a performance gain
I have the stainless Pypes system with Race Pro muffler option. Like the above post states, a hint of drone, but not too bad. I personally like it.
Are these the only two options? Any good/bad things, except the price, fot the TR Custom parts 3" system?
If Torque Tech is still in business, take a look at their 3 inch dual system. Thats the ORIGINAL 3 inch dual exhaust system for these cars. I helped them develop it back in the 90s. With Dynomax mufflers, its very quiet and we went 9s through it.
No, I don't want drone. You're absolutely right. I'm wondering if I can find a perfect mix: throaty, but no drone.
No, I don't want drone. You're absolutely right. I'm wondering if I can find a perfect mix: throaty, but no drone.

Like I said, check Torque Tech. Best exhaust I have ever run. Its a bit pricey but it will last forever and you can walk on the thing once installed and it wont budge. I specifically wanted frame mounts for the tail pipes with rubber bumpers on it to keep things in place and not rattle. Its a great system. Im a little biased but the original prototype is STILL in use 15 years later.
Spoke to Torque Tech, they don't make them anymore. He said last run of 25 systems, took about 5 years to sell. Back to square one.
Talk to Nick Micale. I believe he uses the same company that Torque Tech used. I forget the name of the company. Im getting old and senile.

Maybe he can get you one made. Its a great system but people just didnt know about it. Torque Tech's venture into Turbo Buicks was pretty much ruined by Richard Lassiter so they never really got the exposure they deserved but Keith and Ellen are top notch people.
I have magnaflow and I think it sounds great. I haven't had others to compare to, but I have no complaints and have received many compliments on the sound.
If you have a free flowing system, you dont need a cut out.
Just finishing up with a suspension sale thru tonite. And our valve covers are $30 off for a bit longer. Nothing else planned at this point.