I have magnaflow and I think it sounds great. I haven't had others to compare to, but I have no complaints and have received many compliments on the sound.
I don't think MagnaFlow makes any systems for our cars, anymore.
Well, Pypes makes three different systems for TR

Race Pro (turbo muffler) , Street Pro (chambered muffler) and Violator (turbo muffler)

Any experience with them?
Darn hate to hear Torque Tech is out, I have had that system FOREVER, less mufflers, that is what a turbo is for <grin>
Vette project came with a new Pypes SST system, looks pretty decent, can't wait to hear it, quality looks good.
Might be worth a shot on a GN
Think Jason White is building some trick single shot stuff
The TR custom parts piece is on my car and is a great piece, highly recommend it, can't go wrong with any of the RJC pieces either.
I can add this, ours is on sale 10% off thru 12-31-12. If you don't like the polished look I guess you could spray bomb it black.
I'm also needing new exhaust. My old system is rusting and rubbing the axle under heavy boosting conditions creating ghost knock. LIVE4RDO what did u go with or decide?