proven engine builder in midwest?


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fellas, i spun a rod bearing last night in my tta after kicking it in the ass at 45mph :( . i was running razor's alky w/ meth @ 25psi with a te-61 when all of the sudden the scanmaster showed 43 degrees kr (i didn't know that was possible) :eek:. so i imediatley get out of the gas and hear the dreaded sound of a rod knocking.

so now a complete rebuild is in order and i'm wondering where to go for the work. i won't even attemp assembly of the longblock but can handle the rest. (rnr, etc) i would greatly appreciate any info here. the last time i hade engine troubles on a tr i was lucky enough to buy a gm short block back when they were still available.

on a side note, have any studies been done on rod bearing stress at crazy boost levels like 25 psi and up?
ya, midwest is kindof vague. i live in northeast iowa and am willing to travel to find somebody that takes pride in what they build. any help would be greatly appreciated, i miss driving the car already!
Weber Racing in Ridgeville, OH would be a very good choice if you are willing to drive that far. Their phone number is 440-327-7702. You can access their website from the list of vendors on the TurboBuick.Com homepage.
Hope this helps ......... BW Jones
Heard lots of great stuff about DLS and after seeing the #'s GN's run with his motors, probably your best/safest bet.

I had John at Advanced Engine in Wheeling IL do my recent motor and he knows his stuff too. Even Mike Licht said that to me over the phone after they talked about a push rod and valve spring issue I was having on the new motor.
BTW, thanks for the help Mike ;)