Question about a 4L60E


May 24, 2001
I have a friend that has a 1998 Blazer with a 4L60E. Recently the car started to make a strange soft whine in 1st and 2nd and now it shifts really wierd in the 1-2 shift. Shifts hard but not firm, kinda pulls the back of the car down. It will be taken into the dealership since it is still under a warrenty but I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion. I don't like not knowing what a car is being fixed for so any ideas would be nice.

Kev :)
Report what they say..... interested.....

Ok...Never found out exactly what was wrong but they replaced the entire Valve Body. Why would they do that? Also, they replaced a switch but I couldn't make heads or tales of which switch from the receipt they gave him. Sounds like they just replaced everything instead of repairing it.

Kev :)