Question about oil pan gasket mating surface


Replacing the rear main on my '86 and took the oil pan off. Car has 30K and I'm pretty sure it's never been off the car. It had a rubber gasket and there was a whitish sealer of some sort on the bolt threads. There is some of this residue on the gasket sealing surface on the pan that I need to remove. Also, it looks like the mating surface had a thin bead (1/4" wide, very thin) of some sort of adhesive or something. I want to clean it all off, but the pan has all the paint on the mating surface. I bought the FelPro blue gasket. I normally would just take my Scotch Brite pad on the drill to clean it. But with this gasket supposed to be put on dry, I'm concerned about doing it right. The paint will come off the flange when I clean it. Do I need to protect the bare steel? Any thoughts on the best way to prep it? Thanks.