Question: New Fillers or Leave The Old Fillers?


Time Capsule
I have an Ultra Low Mile GN with under 2,500 miles and the original fillers look like crap. They are not cracked but they lost the luster and turned a gray/dull color. I know it is original and 100% normal for this to happen but I ordered the newely made fronts from (from the original mold with the original material) and the G-BODY rears that are a near perfect match to the originals in both fit and material. The question is should I take off the originals and put on the aftermarkets?
With 2500 miles it's not like you're driving it. Why bother with new pieces if it's just gonna sit. At least you know where to get new ones when they do finally crack. Just my .02 :)
You can make them look better with some rubbing compound, just be gentle they will crack.
Also they will ooze a sticky oily/filmy substance.
I keep mine waxed but they still ooze. I wish I knew how to stop that.
IMO originality counts for something, especially on a low mile, all original GN like yours, so I understand your dilemma. Basically the OEM fillers are drying out or "gassing" and will only continue to get worse over time, no matter what you do. You can buy some time by continually waxing them or use other methods but if you plan on keeping this car long term you will inevitably have to replace them at some point, even if you hardly drive it. This is one of those "pay me now or pay me later" type deals.
I was told once they start fogging up it's the beginning of the end and repainting would only delay the inevitable. How long is anyone's guess.
I would of put on the replacements too. Even though the originals are not cracked they are 25 yrs old and are breaking down. Once mine started to fade real bad they started cracking and falling apart. I was able to get GM fronts (they claim that they were made recently, not 25 yr old OEM sitting around, we'll see).