Questioning turbo size

michael evans

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Feb 27, 2008
Louisville, Kentucky
I am questioning if the turbo on my car is to big. The Turbonetics 6668BB was on it when I bought the car two years ago. It is not listed on their site, but is on and .

I wonder if I should buy a new more suited-for-me-turbo and resale this one or get this one worked on ?

The car dynoed at 534 HP and 704 FP at only 23 pounds of boost.

I saw a couple turbos listed at half the price that is in my horsepower range.


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Nov 6, 2006
The Turbonetics 6668BB
this is not the turbo to run 7.5 1/8ths with.its capable and designed for much more really has too much ex wheel which creates a slower spool but less backpressure.compressor runs out way before the ex wheel but all in all you would be running low 10s to high 9s to run it out,so you can turn it up or swap it out to a much faster spooling turbo.i personally would turn it up and run it hard;)then see if you like it or want a change
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