race parts "CHEAP"


Oct 20, 2001
B&M PRO RACHET SHIFTER. WITH CABLE FOR -2004R. $110. nice stock intercooler.$70. two-sets of heads. ported&polished 3 angle cut. one set went 11.oo at 127. other went 10:60 129. both have the big vavles. $475 or offer. chrome turbo shield. good shape $85.00 flat tappet cam. precison cam. 478.int 479ehx. 050. 218.int. 222.exh. new in the box$90.00 under size crank pulleys new. make offer. all price;s .do not include shipping. ALSO HAVE NEW. DELCO COIL PACK. MAKE OFFER. LOWER MANIFOLD. PORTED. TOWER REMOVED. VERY NICE $260 OR BEST OFFER. THANK YOU. FRANK.
I'll take the cam! I have a roller cam now. Will it work and what kind of lifters do I need? Thanks!
turbotwister you got it! Sticking with my roller!
Is the turbo shield cut for houston down pipe?If so please send pics.Where in ohio are you located?

pics of the 10.6 heads who did them and are they bolt on and go what gaskets??? all that good stuff.

The 10;60 Heads Where Done By Trevor Johnson. If You Guys Look At The Mile Per Hour. The Heads Are Pretty Well The Same. The Cam You Just Use G.m Lifters. And You Are Good. The Chrome Shield ?? Its The Same One. I Have On My Car. T/h Down It Fits Fine. Thank You. All For Your Interest. P.s. The Heads Are O-ringed. Turn That Boost Up !!!!!the Trevor J Heads. The 10:60 Ones. I Don;t Know How Good The Springs Are. I Have A New Setof The Lt1 Type. I Will Give The Buyer. Frank. :d

Vader. Seen Your Post. About The Roller Vs My Flat Tap. Keep Your Roller. The Diff Is Not That Much. Maybee Even Going Back. Turbo Cars Don't Need Big Big Cams. Frank
Interested in the shifter, would like to see pics if possible. Thanks Phil
i need your address to send payment for the cam.PM me with it and ill get it right out.