Raceway park next weekend

Sal Lubrano

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Apr 26, 2002
I will be going to raceway park next weekend for the first time. I am not sure if the Gn is comming or not. Which day would be better to see more GN's. Saturaday or Sunday? Thanks
I've been going to Raceway Park since the very beginning of these Buick Showdowns (around '89 or '90) and if I had to choose between going on Saturday or Sunday, I'd definitely choose Sunday. That's when they had the Buick vs. Mustang races (on Sunday), but I don't know if it will be the same this year though... ..I'll be going next weekend to try my new engine to see how it will run and try to do a little fine tuning...


We used to go on Sunday, especially for the Buick vs. Mustang, but low turnout and long waits between rounds has turned us away.

We (MAGNA) will be racing on Saturday.
The Rich's Auto crew will be there both days..........but will only be signing autographs from 12:00-12:15 on Saturday due to our busy schedules, we thank all our fans for their patience and understanding:D
Well, it turned out that I definitely had a greater time on Sunday, running a personal best of 10.62 with Eric driving my car and winning the first round of eliminations...:D


P.S: Thanks Eric for your help!;)