Rafael's 2014 Pizza / Taco Cruise:

Weather.com has been showing the same thing all day. A 50% chance of rain tonight. Storm moving out abound 9:00 AM. 0% chance of rain for the rest of the day. When I get up, if the roads are dry, I'm going. If they're wet, I'll wait until they're dry and go. See you guys tomorrow. :)

Mike B.
I will be going direct to the meat market from my place. Have a safe cruise down.
I wish I could be there, but the coop is still studying for smog testing....she burns cleaner than brand new, but by todays Nazi CARB standards, she's NOX challenged.....
Address for the meet in signal hill leaving Santa Clarita now
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We had over a dozen Turbo Buicks and about two or three times that many people. Not bad for a rainy day.:D
Thanks Ralph for the hospitality. If I'm ever in the area, I'll be stopping by for lunch. The lunch burrito and fresh tortillas were outstanding.:)

Mike B.
I'm digging the Panoramic and Fisheye photos! :)
I need to move from the East Coast back to the West Coast.
I meant to full size the photos. Let me try again.

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Many thanks for the great get together, Rafael.
Great time, over a dozen cars there,
fantastic food, too.

Sorry I couldn't make it, I still don't have my turbo back from being rebuilt (again). Had some other stuff come up this weekend also. Looks like a good turn out to me!

I guess I'll have to shoot for next time.