Ramchargers Fan For Sale

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Ramcharger Fan-2.jpg
Ramcharger Fan-1.jpg
I bought them several years ago off this board and never installed them. They have been gathering dust and thought I would sell them to help finance other purchases.
I just jumped the fans with a battery charger and they DO run. Started and stopped them several time and they fired right up no problem. FWIW, I bought these fans from this board several years ago fully intending to use them. I never got around to it. Trying to free up some $'s for other mods.
Sold to Derek pending receipt of USPO money order. He and I had dickered back and forth via e-mail since Jan 6. I thought that he was no longer interested so I posted this ad. Sorry for confusion.
Fans are available once again. To prevent confusion, I will respond to messages posted here only. No e-mail or PM's. That way everyone knows status of parts. Sorry for problems in past. $165 shipped lower 48 states. FIRM! Prefer check or money order. PP if you pay fee.
Hay my wife was supposed to send you the damn money order and it never got done. (NOTE NEVER TRUST YOUR WIFE TO PAY FOR YOUR FREAKING PARTS!)
I can pay pal you its faster and eaiser just let me know the total we had agreed on $155 before fee's will add $5 so Ill just send you the 165$ and call it good if that works for you let me know :)
Sorry its been a while I have just been supper busy with our shop busting balls to make some cash and then pushing snow on top of it! UH! It never ends for me!
Sorry again.