Re: 1985 Regal Black 100% Rust Free


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Jul 28, 2016
Car is a base model, manual windows No Rust Anywhere, there was two or 3 VERY small holes in Pass front floor but I stripped,metal prepped and put seam sealer over them largest one was size of a pensil eraser. Will sell with wheels or without , with hood or without, also has rear sway bar and New rear springs 5401's maybe ? The more popular Moog lowering spring. $2200 as it sits on NEW Cooper Cobras 295 and 215's 15by8's and 15by5's. CD player does NOT go with car, csr was my daily driver till radiator took a shit ,... For more pics or info
Dumb questions:

What's your price if you get to keep the rims/tires and the hood?

Does meeting in georgia fit your 150 mile range? Say zip code 30012, can swap the wheels and tires off there.

Finally, any interest in a 2 door 1985 s10 blazer towards trade? Have both 2wd and 4x4 models, 2wd is a no rust body for sbc project with either steel crank 283 donor swap car or some small amount of cash added, 4x4 would be a driver for swap as sits.
More info on engine? Is it running? was it overheated when the radiator went? how long has it sat?
I drove combine 1200miles to pick up this car! I would say this is the cleanest Buick I have ever saw! The e-brake cable still works!! Crazy clean! Thanks again Ethan stand up guy!