1980 Buick

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Wondering if it's just me ? ... BUT: on 3 "G" Bodied cars (Turbo T's and Hursts) whenever I change the Differential Fluid I get (at 0-2 MPH) a "chatter". I've looked at the rear brakes (suspect of a wheel seal or the like leaking), and have found nothing !

This ALWAYS seems to happen (I never noticed it BEFORE Hand), when-ever I change the Diff. FLUID ! (BTW I added 2 bottles of Amzoil "Slip Lock" fortifier too that same Fluid) ...

Anyway; AFTER that, I ALWAYS get a "chatter" and it's annoying !

Anyone have an idea as to what I'm doing wrong ?

THX in advance !
Quote: "Too much Dope": Perhaps ? ... *But I started with one bottle and it wouldn't "clear up".

So far as using AMZOIL, ??? ....... "ya got me there"... (could be).
I was told leave that fancy bullshit alone, put regular rear end oil and a bottle of GM limited slip additive. Knocked out the majority of the chatter and mine was bad. The more I've driven it, it's become a thing of the past. Haven't felt it for a while now.