Rear Main Seal in a TTA


Sexy MF Joe
Not hard, but not fun...Got it all pulled apart tonight. Seal was leakin like a sieve. Took about 3 hrs. to get it all apart, no lift yet
:( Not quite like working on my GN..

Now my question is to Pin or not to Pin? Opinions? I used them when I did my GN, but have heard of people not using them, and then others that dont even use the rubber strips in the cavities and use just RTV like GM did...
not to pin
just get a new tube of rtv black and a small piece of wire-

cut the tip off the new tube extension, and place a small flat washer over it
wet the piece of wire, and after you press as hard as you can to insert the rtv in the joint- stick the wire down inside to get rid of all the air bubbles-
and repeat a few times till you squeeze rtv out between the cap and block