Rear Sway Bar


Oct 27, 2003
ATR or the new BMR? They are both under $200.

The ATR is 1.375" and the BMR is 1.5" Any thoughts?
Who is BMR? Is it the Herb Adams bar?

If the BMR bar mounts in the stock location, both need aftermarket or majorly strengthened Lower Control arms because the factory arms will turn into crushed soda cans in short order.

I have the ATR bar on my T-type and the Herb Adams bar on my 2+2. Both eliminate understeer.
The BMR is the same type/style as the ATR and HA. To use either you will need boxed/tubular lower arms. Depending on your set up of the rest of the suspension a 1.5 might be overkill. I have the 1.5 HA bar and with Hotchkiss springs all I need to do is feed in some throttle to make it oversteer when I'm driving on the street without a front bar. Your 60' time may suffer if you are not making the power level to get you car into the low 11's.

That looks a lot like the Herb Adams bar.

Originally posted by fast eddie
UNGN has the ATR bar helped your 60' times?

When I first bought my T-type, the Rear swaybar was broken. The wheel hop was awful and the best 60ft I could muster was a 2.3 or so.

With the ATR bar and a right side airbag I've managed mid 1.6 60 fts on BFGDR's