Rear sway bar


Jul 25, 2009
Whats the next best upgrade from the stock rear sway bar.Any info would be great.

thanx joe
depends on what your looking for. the best IMOP would be the HR parts bar.

A old ATR unit might work for you as well.
ATR is out of business. you can check the parts wanted/for sale section

how much you willing to spend on a bar?

The HRpartsnstuff is a nice bar but expensive.'

check the vendors. has alot of sway bars. Do some research and let us know which one you want
For another option, We offer some as well... GNS

Our Chassis mounted rear bar has adjustments for rate.

Scot W.
FWIW, the HR bar is adjustable side-to-side, most all others are not.
Addition...the DSE rear bar has two (2) different sets of holes so it is somewhat adjustable. There may be others.
If it was me, just do your research and find which one fits your needs. if you can find it new try the for sale/wanted section
i will look in the parts for sale section.


Post exactly what your looking for in the PARTS WANTED. If you want an ATR bar, say so. I found a GREAT deal on a BIG PTE stock loc intercooler by doing that. The guy contacted me and said he was going to a front mount and needed it gone. You never know who has what sitting around until you ask.

FYI, I dont ever recall seeing a used HR bar ever, and I cruise the for-sale daily 2/3x...once you have it, your not selling it.

Full throttle sells a atr-like replica bar for like $129 or so if I recall. I got it when Mike had a free shipping sale. I figured Id try it before spending the extra $$ on an HnR bar.
Well if you're cheap and into experimenting then here's an option for ya.:eek::biggrin: You can use one off a last gen S-10 4 door Blazer with towing package. It's bigger than the stock bar and they're cheap in a salvage yard.

And yes, I will be trying this once the car is back together enough to do it.:biggrin: Both sway bars but using the Blazer bar to fine tune the car some. Just thought I'd see if it will work or not for some fun.


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