Rearend on 89 TTA???


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I was wondering what kind of rearend the TTA's came with... I talked to a guy at a local car show that owned TTA and he had some dissent mods done to it, but he didn't want to take the car to the track to see what it ran, because he was afraid if he launched it with some boost that the car would break the rear... I know the TR's come with the 10 bolt which is pretty bullet proof, so what rearend does the 89 TTA come with??? If it's the same rear as the 4th generation Fbods then I can understand why it would break... He also told me he was afraid to put drag radials on it while driving it on the street, because if he raced from a dig and launched it the rear would probably take a sh*t on him:confused: :confused: I had never heard this from anyone who owned these cars so I was kind of interested to see what you guys have to say... the guy said he only races on the street from a roll until he puts a 12 bolt on it which he said cost 1200$$ uninstuled... I think that kind of takes the fun out of the car since I'm sure you guys launch the piss out of your car and it hooks with some sticky DRs... please fill me in.:) :)
They will last awhile with sticky tires but they will go out.. I think that guy would be ok if he took it to the track a few times..

I have 103K on my stock rearend with tons of launches on it and it does make noise but it still works.

I have bought a Dana 44 so Im not affraid anymore :D
Thanks guys... I am glad to hear that the rearends on the TTA's are good quality pieces... IMO the 89 TTA was the last car built from GM that was really a strong car as far as performance and built quality are conserned... I liked the Sy's and Ty's but they have some weak points from the factory... Also I've heard of some TTA's running 10's with no internal mods, just bolt ons and that is damn impressive anyway u look at it!!!:eek::eek: I wish GMHTP would do a feature article on a TTA... I know they did the one on the 93 Formula with the turbo 6 motor, but I would like to see an actual 89 TTA featured or maybe even on the cover. I'm sure u guys have magazine quality cars, so what the hell gives... The thing I like about the TTA the most is the fact that they handle and brake while having the buick performance and modding capabilities and look good... Basically they have the whole package!!!:D :D Eventually, I'll have one. I still like my GN though;);)
My rear end in the TTA started making noise the first time we took it to the track will running eagle GT+4's! Don't be fooled these rear end are pretty weak. We just don't shock load them quite as bad as the stick shift F-body's do. Believe me a clutch car puts a big shock load on the drive train. My 90 chevy has a five speed in it and before I put the Super Charger on it I shelled a ford nine inch when I was doing a burn out. I was revving in 1st gear at about 6,000 rpm on the factory built in rev limiter(read: valve float because of old stock abused valve springs. lol) and decided to get second gear hard, well I never had tried to get second with this thing and now I know why. Mickey Thompson Sportsman's(19.5x33) get traction when their hot! The drive shaft flew out......... no problem, I told my buddy with me, just a new u-joint ...........BUZZ WRONG ANSWER. As a looked back in the rear view mirror I see the pinion gear attached to the driveshaft. This was a bad day as it was my first year attending street machine nationals and this happened at 5:00 on Friday at our camp ground. We got it fixed by 12:30 saturday night, but there is alot to that story and your getting bored and I hate typing (as you can tell)LOL. So any way I am building my own 12 bolt for my TTA, my buddies TTA, and another buddies 94 Z/28. See Ya Jason.

I must be lucky. I had my stock rear for quite a few passes. Maybe 100 or more. I took it out only because I wanted drum brakes so I could hold lots-o-boost on the line. I now have a stock 10-bolt from an '89 firebird with a N/A V-6. It has 3.27 posi and has made well over 100 passes. Some of them in the 1.5 60' range. The 10-bolt from f-bods are not even as big as the ones in the g-bods(ring gear, that is). I understand that I've been pressing my luck, but I wouldn't worry about a few 13 second runs. Just make sure you get both tires wet before your burnout so they both spin. It's the one wheel doing 60 with the other one stopped that really takes it's toll. The spider gears and posi unit are not designed to perform this feat and will not survive long under these conditions. Happy racing!
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Where did you get the Dana? Is if for the TTA or are you having to build it?

GM used to bolt in Dana 44s for F-bodys over the counter at GM Dealers and a friend bought one a few years back. He is planning on building something really fast so he wants a 12 bolt and I bought it off his. It has 3.31 gears and is perfect for what I want to do. Its also lighter than a 9 or 12 and Ill never break it. Direct Bolt in too....

SLP still has a few but I think they want alot for them.

Thanks for the info. I have ran 10 bolts for years in my F-bodys and Novas. Only once did I break one, in my 79 Z28. I had alot of 3500 launches on this car, but the launch isn't what broke it. One day I was tuning and did a launch, hit second gear about 6000 where it usually did and bang!!

Opened up the rear cover only to find my 3.42 posi in pieces.
( and I mean PIECES !!! ):mad:

I only plan on running the TTA at the track once in a while, so I guess I will run it till it breaks..;) Eventually I would like to get to the low 12s high 11s, so I will probably have to upgrade to be reliable.

It will live a long time in the low 12 high 11 second Zone. I beat the hell outa mine and it was still working at 103K when it came out.

Also, the 2nd gen F's had 10 bolts with 8.5 ring gears, the 3rd and 4th gen 10s have 7.5 Ring gears making them alot weaker. The GNs have 8.5s which is why they are pretty strong.

The 9-bolt australian in the TTA is a 7.75.
P.S. Did you steal the saying from my License Plate frame??? ;0 :D


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Steal is such a bold word.

I indeed saw it on your license plate and one other place on the net. I believe it was an article about the TTA. I hope you don't mind. I thought it was a cool saying. I'll give it back to you if you want. :D

I'm actually surprised you don't use it.:)

Where did you get the the license plate frame? I would like to get one for mine.
I do use it, its on the back of my car for everyone that rolls up next to me to see as I go bye :D

You can use it i was just joking around ;)

Buick From Hell does engraving and he made it for me a little more than a year ago :D