rebuilding 87 motor looking for tips/advice


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Dec 2, 2003
rebuilding/freshening 87 T-type motor to be put in 85 GN. Should I change the stock cam and if so to what and what brand? Thinking of cleaning up the heads w/ some mild porting any advice or suggestions? New rings and possibly pistons any advice? The car will be a street car just looking for a little bit more performabce would like to have a reliable low 13 to mid 12 second car not really wanting to go w/ a high stall in trans but would be willing to install a shift improver kit in trans ...give me some ideas I will appreciate it thanks. What about a chip? Any suggestions?

Postons Buick Parts in Atmore AL sells a few different resource guides for rebuilding the turbo v-6 motor, you may want to give them a call and order one of thier products, 1-800-635-9781. - FAB6
Check my signature.......I run the stock cam. Good into 11s. No need to change stock pistons unless you want to spend money. My intentions are not to set the land speed record so I just honed my cylinders, installed new rings and bearings for minimal cost. My last motor went 60,000 miles and then I broke a main cap and still ran for another 4000 miles. This one is running great with about 10,000 miles so far.