Red Armstrong XP Pump?

There is nothing special about a "Reds Pump":rolleyes: I am so tired of that BS...

He is not a vendor here... Please support the vendors on this board...
Racetronix has some fine stuff, as well as full throttle, cottons , etc. Look at the list of vendors on teh home page
The XP pump was okay back in the day but the Walbro stuff flows more.

There used to be a lot of folklore and old wives tales about what the XP pump actually was. Ive heard anywhere from a shimmed up Syclone pump to some kind of alternate fuel vehicle pump to something the fuel pump gnomes carved out of a solid chunk of polyester and bestowed on Red...

Either way, the newer Walbro stuff is better.
Delete the thread.

I understand this issue with vendors, just delete the tread and I will buy one from them I was just asked I would look into these. I need a new one and didn't know where to go. Thanks and sorry to the supporting vendors!:)
Testing has confirmed that the XP pump does outflow any other pump, believe what you want. Now the question is how fast do you want to go. I have gone 126mph with a single Walbro 340 with no volt booster, it was done at this level, it was lean, and adding pulse width didn't help. I added a volt booster, and my O2's were rich again, so a single Walbro 340 will go as far if no beyond what a stock bottom end will go safely. If you are in the 10's you should be looking into a DP anyway no matter what single you have.
When at Richard Clarks about a year back we did a pump change in my GN, he told me he had actually flow tested all the available pumps a few years back and the Reds XP flowed the best. For purpose of accuracy I have no idea how long ago these tests had been done... maybe RC can chime in... :confused:
I wish some of the vendors and others in the know would speak up on this one... I have heard just about every vendor mention this fact...

There is no secret to the pump...
I have some pressure-vs-flow plots of the XP (I think some are still on the gnttype site). From the plots shown, it does have a little bit more oomph than the 340. And it's more noticeable as pressure increases. But I still believe it's a 340 (or 307). I think that they are tested and hand-picked production units that just happen to have a bit more juice than the average unit. I also feel that the pressure relief valve is set at a higher pressure (look at how the flow of the 2 falls off differently as pressure increases).
He actually blocks the pressure relief valve, don't know what pump is used. I'm not up on all the new pumps though, a lot has changed since 1988 on the TR. (my starting year on TRs) Owned 1 from new and another from 7K miles and now a antique one. Of course support our site vendors, some great ones TOO! Bought from most of them in the past and with excellant results. My .02$ Gene
Been a few years for me ...Does the xp have a tie wrap around it when hes done with his mods?
If so I had one of them start pulling a ton of amps and burnt up my Caspers hotwire, it was 3 years old.
FT walbro 340 now..real one
Yeper, it does have a Ty around it. Also his instructions show how to flair the feed pipe to enhance the flow. I also ran the ATR Double Pump and Hot Wire Kit with some mods, ran this set-up for yrs with no problems. Old News I know but the TR needs a lot of fuel plus a lot of rear tire to hook-up, in my opinion. I also like the Staged Set Up with dual fuel pumps. My Humble Opinion. GL Gene