Removing double sided stick tape from TTop glass


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Previous owner (idiot) decided to use double stick tape to "help" seal the ttop glass. Tried to remove it but it's making a crusty mess. Looks like it's been on for a while baking. :eek: What's the best way to get this stuff off? Heat gun?

tape removal


I tint windows so here is an option that I have used:

Spray the tape heavily with Windex with ammonia. The ammonia is the cutting agent and will dissolve the glue (eventually). Keep spraying the windex on the tape and try to let it soak in. I would try to keep it wet for a while.
Then you can use a new single sided razor blade (made in USA only) and rewet with windex and start to scrape all of the glue and tape into one general area. Then wipe up with a paper towel. Repeat process as needed. The trick here is to keep the glass and tape wet with Windex throughout the whole process.
Razor blades made in the USA can be used on our auto glass without scratching.
Do NOT use blades made in china or the green 3M sponges- both will scratch the glass.
FYI - I use the all white 3M scrub pads to clean back window glass, because if razor blades are used on rear window defrosters, they will be destroyed.
Another option if you still need to "pick up" the remaining glue is to use #0000 steel wool. This will not scratch glass and works well until the wool gets gummed up with glue.
Remember to always keep the glass wet with windex throughout the process.

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