HRpartsNstuff Update & Special Offer...


May 27, 2001
Hey all, hope 2010 is being good to you!!!!
It was for us this week, got some good news from our accountant...
We were picked to get audited for several years of returns, and could have got REAL ugly for us with penalties/interest/etc. Never know with the IRS, especially with all this stupid gov't spending & they need to pull in money any way they can.

Well, because we finally found a great accountant that happens to have her law degree as well, and that we have kept good records & plenty of receipts & been counting stuff fair & honest all these years, they said everything looked good on the oldest year & NO CHANGES! (no extra tax due) :)
And the next year looked OK too, and took it as-is :D And it seemed we had a good accountant & doing stuff correctly, that they decided to drop the case & not look at any other years or watch over our shoulders!!! :biggrin: WooooHoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank GOD that's all over now! I'm sure he was helping out in all this, I am just not that lucky! Couldn't have been any better, even getting money back vs paying on most recent year!

Plus last fall we finally got things figured out & handled between between me & the brothers. They now are the sole owners of the family machine shop (MRF) that I helped get going & was part-owner in for years. And I am the sole owner of HRpartsNstuff, and everything is separated like it should have been years ago. Amazing how stuff that seems easy to work out, one day turns into a total mess & hassle & practically impossible to work out. And seems everyone is happy with the deal & should work out best for all of us. Just nice to know exactly where I stand now with it all. Sometimes mixing family & money & business can be tough.

So 2010 & beyond should be busier than ever for us! We have spent close to 1000 hrs between me & the wife & a couple helpers (plus over $5k to the accountant) over the past 4 months to get thru all this. :eek: :mad:
That really cuts into our production & been tough trying to keep up with regular orders with all that going on. Plus still finishing up on the new building & looking to get some new equipment this year if all goes well. Then it will be LOTS of new & exciting stuff & hopefully keep stuff in stock & ready to ship too! No one (including us) likes to wait 1-3 weeks for stuff, especially us racers :) Once we are finished setup here & no more distractions, it will be like a production gone wild video, parts flying everywhere! :D

So this year with everything coming together all at the same time should make things real interesting! It feels like our business has been stuck in 1st gear on redline for 3-4 years, and now it's in 2nd gear & boost came up & onto 3rd gear & then OD!!! :eek: Watch for some cool things happening next year-2-3! Gettin REAL excited here!!!

For now, also wanted to let everyone know we are getting our 2010 catalog done up for the event in NC. Unfortunately like just about everything, we are looking at having to bump a few prices to cover the ever rising material & manufacturing costs etc (like $1k electric bill!!!) :mad:
We are holding prices as-is (some have stayed the same since 2008) for a couple more weeks so you can get your order in before any possible increases. Probably stick to the old prices up to midnight Mar 10th. Also, if anyone wants us to bring stuff to the event, PLEASE let us know in advance (before the 10th preferred). You will get the old pricing & free shipping (since we are coming down).

Also, anyone that wants to get our HR-0610 and/or HR-6011 trans crossmember poly kits, we are taking $10 off shipping OR including a free T-shirt (your choice). We are going to hold this offer until the end of March so people can take advantage of it longer. They are easy to install & WAY better than the old rotted rubber (age kills it, not just mileage) that we all have now. Might be able to help with installs on our parts purchased before/at the event too! Will have to see how it goes & what's available etc. Got real limited qty's on most everything right now, and working hard to get caught back up for the event. Been running 2 days to 2 weeks out on a lot of things, but all depends on when you call & what I just put together etc. Might be in stock when you call, but just please don't count on it & wait until the last minute, even though that's what I do sometimes too :cool:

Have fun! Racing is right around the corner!!! (even though we have over a foot of snow on the ground - uggg)
Good Luck!

Good luck to you and your business in 2010 and beyond. Glad to see vendors still making parts for our cars.
Mike Skwarlo