Removing Rubber from Burn-outs ???


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Nov 30, 2009
What do you guys use to remove rubber off the fenders , and then keep it off or make it easier to remove ?
Thanks , I have both . Do you spray on WD40 before burn-outs also to keep it from sticking ?
Here is my solution to keep the rubber off the rear panel!

burnout shield.jpg

meguiars body solvent
Masking tape.... Or if all else fails, try putting some of that Fairy Dust down before doing the burnout... Unless your car is making SERIOUS power, then try Unicorn Glitter.
Pam works for me.
If I do get some buildup, I use Gojo w/o pumice. WD will also take it off.
Bug and Tar remover here.

I'm going to use some black masking tape next time at the track. Managed to acquire some new rock chips from the slicks last time out. Protect the paint and make clean up easier.
the thing i used to use back in the mustang days was baby oil. put it on before the burnout wipe it off when your back at the lanes
-When you use WD-40 or a solvent, just use a roll or 2 of paper towels and through them away after every wipe or 2. Don't try to wipe more then a couple of strokes with each piece. Your just going to spread it around and curse and swear at the family dog.

-Then clean with soap and water, dry and wax.

-Order new tires.

.As many of you know I used to make magnetic Qtr Covers called Burn out Buddies.I am in the process of buying a PPF (PAINT PROTECTION FILM) similar to 3m or Xpel product for my GXP solstice bumper.The product is clear and goes on wet with a solution of water, shampoo, and alcohol. Once in place it is a paint protector against road debris and rocks .Thought if there was enough interest I could buy the material in bulk and cut some out .Not sure of the cost though.Going to make me a set .Hoping I could sell for under 40-50 bucks and still make a little bit for my time. However the material is expensive.My wife works for Avery and they make a product called nano Fusion, Ill be looking into that.Also thinking of looking into a custom cut header cover.Just Fishing see if anyone would be interested.Also have on my car currently a stick on disposable product which is cheap.under 10 dollars if anyone would be intersted
Turtle Wax Bug & Tar remover works great!
Also on sale at Advance Auto.

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