Replaced AIC motor (went bad)


1986 Grand National
May 28, 2001
Seasons Greeting all !

Last week the GN would not start (fired stumbled stalled) unless I gave it some gas.

It has been acting up for a while now looking back , sometimes off a quick deceleration it would stall or the rpm would dip and then slowly recover. just did not idle smooth as it did.

Any how went I replaced it the idle count where between 150 and 30 and there was no difference in the idle RPM. The old motor had what i would call rough spots in it when you turned the pintle by hand.

Installed the new on (~ $56.00 at NAPA) and also installed a new O2 sensors Bosch. I know the Denso's are better , But I had a new Bosch on hand.

Now she's starts idle flares at first and then settle right back down AIC count now ~30.

As for the O2 sensor , how come every thing else Bosch makes is usually top notch but there O2 sensors , well................

Oh yea , before I forget GO PATRIOTS !!!!!!!

Merry Christmas & God Bless All !