Replacement Fuel Sock / Strainer - Walbro


Wish I Had A Clone. AKA Andrew Youlio
May 31, 2001
I'm looking for the part number and vendor for Walbro 255 fuel pump strainer. I've seen AIrtex FS-111 and FS-30 for 340L pumps. Those number seems to be outdated not evensure if OK for 255L pumps. Any help is appreciated.
I'm going to inspect my pump strainer soon and id like to be ready to replace if dirty or collapsed.
So it turns out my Walbro pump is a GSS 294 and has a 22mm ID for the fuel pump sock. 22mm ID is also for the GSS 340 pump. Racetronix appears to have them in stock. Racetronix pn FFS-122A Sock
Unfortunately Autozone and Oreiily both let me down. They had 22mm strainers listed for 94 Cadillac Eldorado but when in hand were found to be actually 19mm.
I did find a decent 22mm sock on a spare pump so I am able to test my pump before upgrading.
Thanks for the feedback.