Replacement Oil Pump?


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Sep 9, 2007
We're working on a motor with 160,000 miles. At this point it's getting a new turbo, timing chain, radiator. Because of the mileage I think a oil pump should be included on the list. Will a standard sealpower pump suffice? Or do you just change the gears on these Bufords? thx matt
You just change the gears. You will need to check the cover plate/adapter for wear. If it is minor you can get away with a wear plate. Major wear will mean machining or replacing. Most tend to shy away from hv pumps due to placing extra load on the cam bearings and costing hp to turn. There are some tricks that can be applied to the t/c cover to help oil flow. I don't remenber which site its on but search for oil pump mods and you should be able to find it.
Do a search for "timing cover mods" and follow the directions on how to modify the oil pump and passages. If you need help, you can send me (or other folks on here) your timing cover to be rebuilt and modded to work better. It can all be done with a dremel tool or similar. Use a standard volume oil pump and it will work fine. I personally use a reduced length (shortened by .090") high volume front cover with TONS of time in it. The ONLY reason I went "medium" volume is because I am feeding two turbos. I cut the housing and the gears down trying to get everything perfect. If you purchase an aftermarket timing cover, you MUST radius ALL the oil passages in it and spend good time checking every passage way. The last one I bought from a reputable vendor, the main oil transfere passage was COMPLETELY blocked.:confused: Not a problem, because I always port the ever livin' crud out of them anyway. But, I wonder how many people have killed their engine on start up because of a blocked oil passage. The instructions in the box even instruct you to verify all passages are free of debris and casting flash. If your timing cover is scored badly in the oil pump cavity, you should consider a new timing cover. Some vendors even offer a ported and set-up timing cover.