Replacement TV (Detent) Cable part #'s ???

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Jan 24, 2007
OE 25532115 is long gone. trying to update my notes what works from today's aftermarket. looking for feedback from anyone finding success in the aftermarket cables. search yields lots of threads discussing differing length cables and lots of problems.

one thread noted ordering the Pioneer CA-1937 via O'Reillys but no feedback how it worked out.

RockAuto suggests Pioneer CA-1960

Summit suggests ATP Y-225

but they don't cross reference back to the GM #.

Anyone successfully use any of these? I'm sure members can offer good used ones. Nick Micale had a pretty good stash of them a few years ago. I just need to update my notes what works at the moment. Thanks.
Highway stars has the one you need

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Thank-you. I've seen that listing on Highway stars, but it seems to be "temporarily out of stock" for a long time now. Doesn't seem to be an item that is returning to available status. no button to add to cart on link above. at the main transmission & drive train page link below, notes the not available wording in the green add to cart button.

Glen notes the cable length is about 43" in the current listing. When he did the promotion in June 2011 (link below), he noted the cable is 36.8"o_O

I'll call them next week and post what I learn. In the meantime, I'll get a measurement on the cable.
Talked with Highway Stars today. Their order for these TV (detent) cables is in production now and should be back in stock in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

We did discuss the aftermarket cables I noted in post #1 and what I remembered that neither the Pioneer CA-1960 nor the ATP Y-225 would work. Glen reiterated that as well - at about 37", the aftermarket ones are too short and with the cross reference to a bunch of 3-speed trans like the TH350 and TH200C, they are not for our 4-speed TH200R4.
Watch out for this


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Watch out for this
A little more info- that pic compares a GM cable on the right and aftermarket on the left. Came from well known vendor. I am not rolling the vendor as they are going to try to correct the issue once they receive the part.

The result:

This was installed on an across the counter trans that I built. Customer drove it about 1k miles until it stopped moving. I received the unit. Agreed to stand behind it. I repaired and installed in one of my personal cars before shipping. That is how I caught the issue, pressure rise was poor. I chased my tail for a whille and eventually put my GM cable on the unit and fixed it.

If the unit had been shipped and not tested with his cable it would have burned up again.
They're currently out of stock at highwaystars. Any updated pn# from one that's been proven to work?
I don't really have any options for you. Both vendors who sold them stopped due to issues. Both are supposed to be coming out with better ones. Let's hold our breath....
Wow...those 2 videos. Highway stars said that they're having issues restocking due to the pandemic and thinks it'll be a few months before they're resupplied. Didn't say anything about not selling them anymore. My current cable works fine, but the outer black part of the cable got kinked somehow and is deformed so I figured it was best to replace the cable. Didn't know they were hard to come by. Might as well add this to the unobtanium list along with a proper fitting evaporator core.
Believe I read somewhere a long time ago, that their replacement cables come from Isreal which could explain the delays.
Try your local transmission shop that does 200R floors as they know the OEM one is the only one that would work and they stocked up on them. A great item to have a few of