Replacing turn signal switch


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Ive been told that the problem with my turn signals is being caused by my worn out turn signal switch. ive heard this is not to easy to do with having to take most of the steering column apart. i didnt see anything on about this, but does anyone have a step by step procedure for this because i do most everything myself and think i can handle it without paying a shop the 1.5 hours theyre asking for. also, how much does the actual switch cost and is it available from NAPA?
It's availabe from GM and will cost somewhere just over $70. I just bought one, and thank goodness I didn't have to install it. Found my problem elsewhere.
Are you talking about replacing the lever or the turn signal cam. Probably the most difficult part about replacing the return cam is compressing the steering column plate (to remove and reinstall the snap ring). I don't have specific instructions, but it should be pretty straight forward. If you're replacing the lever, (though it's not recommended) it is easier to remove the snap ring to thread the wires along the column.
I broke my horn wire retainer and just bought the column compressor, so I'm going to replace the piece this weekend. If you lived in Sacramento or close, I'd help you. But i think the most problem you'd encouter is compressing the plate in the column mechanism.
Just a couple of tips: The horn button is held on with 2 hex bolts. The other bolts are fake plastic bolts. More than one horn button has been destroyed by inserting an allen wrench in the fake bolts and turning.

When you pull the steering wheel, there are some cheap pullers available at most parts stores. Cost under $10 and can be used over and over to pull steering wheels.

You can probably get a lock spring compressor in one of the tool loaner programs at one of the parts stores. This makes getting the snap ring back on the steering column very easy.

Before you pull the harness through the column, attach a sturdy wire to use to pull the new harness into place.

Hope these tips help.
First thing is the tool to push down the plate is available at most parts stores for under $10. The turn signal switch assembly is also available for under $30 at most parts stores. I see your a junkyard dog.......just go to the boneyard and pull a switch out of late 80s front drive GM full size cars. Same switch. Many other models have the same switch also.

There's three screws holding the switch in place plus the screw on the hazard switch button. One way to install the new one would be to unplug it from the lower part of the column, and cut the switch part from top of the column with wire cutters. Securely tape the plug of the new switch to the wires you cut at the top of the column and carefully pull the plug through the column to pull the new switch in. That's one way to do it. It's really not that hard to fish it in other ways. Run a hanger wire up through the column or a fish wire, for example. Good luck!