Repoduction non-A/C heater boxes

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Tony DeQuick

I'm gauging interest in making reproduction non-A/C heater boxes. For those that don't know, GM made a non A/C heater box for g-bodies that did not come with A/C. This box creates a lot of room in the engine compartment and allows the heat to be retained. Plus it still looks like a factory installed piece. Pricing would be between $200-$250 for the entire kit. Please respond with interest.
I have done the modification of installing the non A/C heater box in my GN.

There are some serious details:
The non A/C box uses cables instead of vacuum, for moving the various heater doors.
The air distribuation manifold behind the dash is different.
there are a couple screws that you need to drill the inner fender to get to or remove the inner fender to install it.

While there is seriously more room, with a little redesigning, it could be a TERRIFIC idea.

If you recall I have the eDIST with the LS1 coils mounted on M+N valve covers, and things took alot of trimming to fit.

The corner down by the head with a little redesigning would make this the best $200 anyone could spend for easing maintance on their car.

Also takes a different fan and blade.
I would like to see you make one out of sheet metal
aluminum.One with a real blower motor,not one of
the low flow GM like the ones on g-bodys.Oh,yea
make it with a nice place to mount a Speed Pro!
Count me in also.

Some fellows that want to retain AC, say that the Vintage Air setup could also be an alternative, and it frees up the fire wall area for those big DP's & other clearance issues.

Not sure of the pricing or other details, but might be worth looking into??

Vintage stuff

In the FWIW dept, I have used the "SUPER COOLER" that Vintage makes in another application. They have A/C hooked to the defroster, similar to the OEM stuff. That way, the defroster gets dried air for a no fog operation. As I remember, it could be had w/ heat, a/c, defroster, all in 1 box. They use air ducts similar to the hoses that are on the vent under the column in the TR's. NICE SETUP!!:cool: I think it costs about $350.00 last I looked.
jack Chisenall, owner of Vintage had a Stude on the flats at 200+mph w/ his A/C on!!

Tony, count me in on a kit!!!
Heater Box

I`ll take one too. Let me know when they are ready to ship.

George, in ALBERTA
this wouldnt really be limited to just the turbo buicks you could go on a few other g-body sites a move plenty of them heat only boxes. after i run out of factory ones id be in line but never in my buick.
The project is a go. I've received lots of reponses about doing these and there is good interest. I will post more info as soon as I have firm pricing and details worked out on the package.