Reputable Transmission shops...Anywhere?



Hello All,

Does anyone know of a "reputable" transmission shop preferably in Minnesota (or Nationwide) that specialize in the 200r4? The trans in my 87 GN is nearing the end of it's life. Anyone know what the price range is for a good stock rebuild?

Thanks for your input
the cost to get the tranny done range from 800 to 1500 $
some of the gn vendors have this service..
In your area I would look up Vince Janis or there is a guy in MN who has been ordering stuff. He is supposedly very good. Will have to look him up at work if you are so interested. Also Jimmys in Chicago might be an option. We also build and ship and have an installer in Cincinatti. If you would like the guy in MN call or email me.

Does anyone know of a good trans shop for the 2004 In the Suburbs of Detroit Mich ? ( Southgate Mich. )
IMHO I'd go on and bite the bullet here guy's and send your tranny off to Bruce. Get it done ONCE and get it RIGHT the first time! The 200r4's can be a real nightmare. Not to mention a money pit if done by an inexperienced (to 200r4) builder. Not trying to sound biased towards any of the other reputable builders on the board but I'd say Bruce would be the man on these tranny's. Too bad I didn't know of Bruce when I needed my tranny done. HTH Randall
Thanks dude:), but there are alot of talented people out there who are more than qualified to do these trans' . Yes ,I will agree they are hard to find sometimes, but they are there. In your area MN, I know of a few but all info is at work. From a conveince point close is nice. When considering parts, use and buy what has been proven to work. Do not shop by price on the important stuff.

I will look tommorrow for those guys in your area.

Bruce "WE4",

Seems you come highly recommended! I checked out your website...Can you shoot me an e-mail with an estimate of what it would cost for a rebuilt "stock" GN 200r4 with shipping to 56379. Thanks a bunch.
Here is the guy in Minnesota I was thinking of. He has bought and installed our stuff. all who have dealt with them seem very happy.
give a call and try.

John @ master trans
in Rosemount mn