Resuced from donk status!


I heart Boost and DRs...
Dec 2, 2009
I went over to talk to this person about tinting his trucks windows and seen this sitting over on the side. He told me it was his son's car and when he got home he was telling me how he was going to do 26s and a 455.

Im thinking wtf hell now bro I got a monte carlo ss Ill give you for it and come back and redo the airbrushing on it to make it look like this car if you would like. Needless to say 30 mins later I was driving home this 86 T-Type and I will be de-donking it!


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Glad you got it...

If you could not have gotten it you would have had to shoot it and put it out of its misery!! haha :cool:
God I never thought you could make a regal look ugly until I saw the paint job on this car. Glad you saved it. I'd trade a monte for a TR any day.
well he wanted that thing and I be damn he got it and I saved this thing and it will be repainted very soon.
Did he even know what he really had? I'm guessing not since he was gonna put a 455 in it. I guess he wanted "more power".:rolleyes: