Retractable antenna options


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May 25, 2001
Hi guys, my antenna would not fully go down in the fender and was continuing to run until I disconnected the battery. This has happened a few times in the past and I always repaired it. Now it's time for a change. What other choices do I have? What have others done to modify this so it doesn't happen any more. Thanks for the help.
I put a steel cable in mine. There are kits that Mike's montes sell to repair it.
I have redone two of these. In one of them the plastic cable was broken in many places and appeared to have just dried out and crumbled. In the other one we simply trimmed a few inches off the broken end and put it right back in. Yes, the antenna may be 2" shorter, but it was obviously an inexpensive fix. We also tried the unit sold by Highway Stars and it was NOT a good fit. The cable was too stiff to wrap around the spool and we got our money back. One of the few parts from them we had an issue with, most of their parts are spot on or close to it. We purchased the steel cable but I am not sure if it was from Kirbans but it may have been and it worked in the other car.
I bought an after market one six years ago and it still runs fine. Got it at Highway Stars. Just after I installed it I picked up a Kirbans reman with steel cable as spare.
The mast repair kit is fairly easy to install. Done a few myself. All still working great. You can disconnect the antenna plug in the fender to keep motor from running
Has anyone performed the repair themselves using the steel cable soldered into both ends? It's a video on YouTube by tommyztrains. It's just not clear as to the size of the cable used. Thanks