RJC 70mm Throttle body-What size coupler do I need for upper pipe to TB?


Turbo LSX Trader
Aug 7, 2007
Hey Guys, I just ordered the RJC upper kit with the plate, plenum and the throttle body, My question is for the upper pipe into the TB what size is the TB side of the coupler inner diameter in inches? Just want to make sure I have everything I need together to finish it up this weekend! Thanks, Ryan
the 70mm TB is 3" on the outside and 70mm on the inside. if your intercooler is a front mount most of them come with 3" hoses, you will just need a piece of 3" hose. if you have a stock up pipe you will need a 2.5-3" step hose.

I have all of these hoses in stock, they are hight quality silicon and are black. Wish you would have told me and i could have put them in the box before they shipped. you can still get them if you need.
Should be good, The car has a large front mount and the up pipe is 3" and I have a few feet of 3" pressure hose! Thanks for the prompt response, You and Eric with TurboTweak have my votes, hard to do better with customer service!!!!