RJC boost controller - what spring??


I ended up cutting about a coil and a half off the spring inside my RJC to lower the boost a little bit, and after I finally got the car running pretty good, it seems now that I can't screw it in enough to get enough boost out of it. I've been all over town looking for the spring or one that's similar. Anybody know where I could buy one or order one?

I think I may just stretch this one...
Buy a new spring, but with less tension. I think cutting it maintains it's original tension but does not let it compress enough to do anything.
That's the problem, I can't find a spring anywhere in town that's remotely close to this one. I was wondering if there was a part # for it or something that I could order from fastenal or mcmastercarr or something.
go to home dopot/lowes or any hardware store and get some small washers like the ones meant for pop rivets that will fit into the part that screws up and down , stick one or two in the cap and reassemble
RJC's original springs are not that hot. I've had the grainger (modified) and couldn't get the control I wanted, went to RJC and got pretty much same results. I've talked to them a few times, they say strech it, cut it, play with it etc. IMO they should me mailing out free replacement springs to anyone that bought one and asked for a few to play with to tune the thing. Springs cost like .20 when you buy bulk. Jace you out there? I need some too! Need to bring my boost down to 15 psi while I put new alky in, and can't git'er done!