RJC powerplate, cam/lifters, bearings & bleeder for sale.


Signal 1 J-12
RJC powerplate for a stock plenum $30.00 shipped in the lower US.

Comp Cams 212-212 w/ 112* lobe seperation and matching lifters. Both have less than 400 miles and were broke in correctly with no discoloration or scaring. $140.00 shipped in the lower US.

Speed Pro HD/Performance main beaings for a .010 under crank (#107M10), new in the box. Retail for $95 new, sell for $85 shipped.

RJC boost bleeder (newest design and barely used). This bleeder decreases spool up time like no other and allows for small or large psi adjustments! $40.00 shipped to the lower US.
Don't know what hwd25 wants, but if it isn't the Boost Bleeder I will take it.