Rods ,Hangers and Stuff {Jim et all}


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Hi Jim, at the end of the "ESC again thread", after I found my ESC to be working:eek:, you suggested that I try quenching my WOT detenation by adjusting the secondary mixture.

I have finally found the time to check the rods and hanger ! There is an "H" hanger, and "CP" rods presently fitted. I have no reason to suspect that these are not the originals. "Off the cuff " you recommended a "K" hanger, and "CY" or "DA" rods. Either of these rods will give a richer mixture through out the range, except for the first few degrees of opening, and appear to be very good choices. Thanks for this good advice.:cool: All I have to do now is try to obtain them. I think I will fit which ever rods I can get with the existing "H" hanger and take it from there.

Must get one of those A/F thingies, to straighten this out once and for all. Can a carb. really be tuned with one of these things or is it best to" fly be the seat of your pants ", as is customary on such occasions???;)
Yes the H hanger will work great. On the old (non ccc carbs) you could tune with a vac gauge. Not with the ccc carbs, A/F gauge is the way to go. I saved this site for A/F gauges before the crash. The gauge will read at WOT, where most gauges will not. They are $$ compared to the stock versions.

I have only been into this BB since Feb, I learned about fixing these cars by reading B4Blacks web site, asking him, Freddie's Buick, FC227, bill questions. These guys have have been great at teaching me about the TR. I mostly played with chevys before this(they don't hold that against me :D )
I fixed the link thanks, That's want I get for trying to copy from my other system over my son's shoulder.
i had a question ttype83.i use a dwell meter to adjust the mixture on my this gauge basically doing the same thing?thanks.
From what I have learned(chevys & Freddie) The dwell is for fine tuning and the gauge helps keep you there. It can be used as that to, but I think the dwell is better.

This ? is better answered by Freddie's Buick than me.

This is the gauge that I will be getting though, It will read at WOT (most will not, only read at idle) and this is where I am having one of my problems. I first will be doing the dwell testing to make such that I'm in the ballpark.
Now the secondaries I have been playing with :D I have 3 sets(AY:highway,CP:stock,CS:drag) and plan on getting more. That's why I will need that gauge, If you already have a A/F they can convert it.