Roll Call - Bates 2019

I have a small request. Can anyone pick me up a Buick’s at Bates t shirt in 2XL and send it to me. “Tyler” picked one up for me last year but I never received it. PayPal ready and thanks very much.
Can't wait. This year's raffle is looking to be bigger than last year.
You guys will freak out when you see all the stuff. Please support the vendors that support our show. They pay the bill so we can do this.
Also, when you order parts from them, thank them for their support.

Except for Turbo Lou, because he owns a Dodge. :p
I have a roll cage conversion kit1 5/8" steel I am bringing along if anyone is interested.
We will be there!! Wifey and I are flying out from Sacramento Saturday. Then staying at 87national55 house to party then roll out on Sunday to the show. This is my first time going and I’m super excited!!!! Can’t wait to meet most of you and see all the Buick’s.

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