Roller Cam Install Labor Cost and Guidance


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Were I live Gulfcoast MS, there are no good buick v6 shops around here that I know of. So I have to resort to the local speed/machine shops. I would like to get a hydraulic roller camshaft installed in my 87 109 which I have recently taken out of the car. Can anyone tell me the labor cost that this should go for, and what is a good source of information that I can point the local guy to for install tips and must do's. Thanks
labor costs varies a lot, engine in the car...500-600 or so. out of car 150-250. if you buy a complete roller setup then it's a straight forward deal. just make sure your cam bearings are in good shape and put a good timing chain in there.

Be4u on "" its a buick board and Robert is
local to you, and is connected to the local buick guys there.
he can give you some advise,
tell em cruzn sent you.
Yea I think I have met this guy at our local drag strip.

Has any body recently got a hydraulic roller camshaft installed that would not mind sharing what you paid for labor charges. I am trying to guage what I should be charged. I am pretty sure our local machine shop has never installed one in a Buick V6. Thanks
Are you building the engine yourself?

If it's a billet roller (bolt on cam gear) then you'll have machine work to do. If the cam is an austemper (looks like stock) it's a straight drop in- the difference is that you'll need to use a shimmed roller cam button vice the spring cam button that is on the stock cam.

Mike at Full Throttle has what you're looking for. Bill Anderson, too.

I did mine over the fall. No additional machine work, no drama. Did the assembly work at home. I have an Anderson cam 214/214. Ees muy good!

Easy to do.......
Its is the 215/220 Xr3 kit from Mike at Full Throttle. I wonder if this cam requires machine work?
Will I have to re-set my cam positioning sensor?
Also I was wondering how do you set the valve backlash of the roller rocker arms for a hydraulic roller setup?
That's a lot of cam- are you going to have the mods to support it? The 210/214 is a great street/strip cam....especially taking into account that the stock cam has been taken into the 10s...

Drop in setup; install the cam, shim the roller button, soak & install the lifters, install the pushrods, set the preload, and go.
I would like to install this cam myself, but I do not want to shim the roller button wrong or set the preload on the lifters wrong, would you mind elaborating on these two items. Thanks
Procedure to shim the roller button, and
how do you set the preload on roller lifters?
SE Turbo in GA

I had SE Turbo(vendor on this board)install a full roller setup in my 87 GN last year.It was around $800 and they replaced the water pump and valve springs as well.Money well spent IMO plus Paul has done alot of Buick work:cool: