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I just acquired a set of used T&D 1.65:1 roller rockers. Are there any concerns I should be aware of, any reason I shouldn't run these? I got them with the intention of just throwing them on the car along with a new set of PAC 1201 springs. I'm running a hydraulic roller cam I got from Anderson Perf several years ago, I think the duration is 214/214. Don't remember the lift. I'd have to go dig through my files to find the specs. I also have aftermarket valve covers from TA Performance that I believe are supposed to clear roller rockers. Any issues I need to consider, or just throw them on and go?

Anything mechanical I should check on these things? Everything seems to move smoothly, nothing seems amiss, anything I should check particularly closely?


Heads are ported irons, new guides and all that. Though when I say new, that was new about 20 years ago now I guess, LOL. But not as it came from the factory. The pedestals have never been touched that I recall. Coil bind, I will certainly check that. As for the guides, I guess retainer to guide clearance is the issue? I can check that too. Good thoughts, I appreciate it. Anything else?


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I’ve had to replace the adjusters on a few sets in the past year on full engine builds when I re-used the rocker arms. Replacing the adjusters and pushrods is a good practice on any engine. They wear together in operation

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Be sure and get the proper length push rod as too long or too short will cause the adjuster on the rockers to block oil flow. They oil through a necked down area of the adjuster and too deep or shallow will cause a block.