Running EGR-less


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Sep 21, 2001
i'm running with no EGR. My TTA motor didn't come with an EGR bracket, plus i have the powerplate and didn't drill for the EGR so the egr hole in the take was plugged(sheet metal and stuff, tight seal, no leaks) My question is do i really need the change my Thrasher chip since i have no EGR?
cool, now i just have to figure out why the hell all of a sudden i'm getting 7.9 KR and my O2's DIP BIG TIME :( :mad:
Check the voltage to the pump. Mine did the same and the voltage was fine, then I found a pinch in the hotwire cable to the fuel pump. It would only get pinched when I layed into the throttle and the body would rock back and cut off the voltage.
Have you recalled to see what mph the numbers occur. Top end pull, shift...?