???s about upgrading turbo


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Jan 5, 2002
I'm currently running a TE63-1 and would like to go to a PT70. Anyone here know if I can have the turbo changed to a 70mm? I know my turbo is a big shaft, but this may not be cost effective. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

Yes it can be probably be done. Depends on how much ,material the cover has. It may need to be re-sleeved. ;)
sorry if this is off-topic, but what kind of times and power are you running with you 63-1 and whats your setup? reason i am asking is i just installed one.
TwinyTwin, The best et I got out of it was 11.16. Best mph was 124.90 This was at the BPG Nats this year. Temps were in the 90s. I ran it to 24lbs of boost. It crept to 30 when the converter locked in 3rd. I know there's alot more in this turbo with a better tune and fixing the creep problem. My best mph in the 8th was 95.6. It picks up big on the top end.

Basically, I'm running the stock shortblock, home ported iron heads, 214/210 Reed cam, 55lb inj, XP double pumper, 62mm tb, hemco upper, Precision stock location ic, Red's chip (24 deg timing in 1st & 2nd, 22 deg in 3rd), Vigilante o pump 5 disk l/u, thdp, thru 3" single shot. Boost was set at 24lbs because it creeped real bad at the big end.