S.L.I.C. upgrade!


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Oct 7, 2014
Hello, I have a question with regard to "upsizing my S.L.I.C w/ Dutt. neck. To a CAS V4 S.L.I.C. I was wondering how it would effect my tune? I have pretty much all the bolt-on upgrades. TA49 [rebuilt] 10 inch 3000 stall converter , resized [62mm] T.B. , T.T. 42lb. injectors and chip, H.D. injector harness, rebuilt motor [no headwork] , new headers, downpipe and test pipe, lots of stuff from Casper's electronics, Lt1 MAF, cold air intake set-up, new "racetronics" 340 fuel pump, hot wire for pump, you know, the usual stuff. Also NO ALKY! I'm running right at 17 psi of boost [no knock!] Installed W.B. O2 set -up, right on the money. TPS perfect, IAC perfect. Runs great. So my thought was, bigger intercooler less "pressure drop" more efficient way of making boost. I actually have two questions. First, without headwork just a good valve job, and NO alky. Will it make a difference with my current set-up? Two, will I have to retune [ make fuel/air adjustments] for the increase surface area of the V4?


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Nov 6, 2006
I'm running right at 17 psi of boost [no knock!]
not much more room there on 93 octane ,try adding a little octane and some fuel in advance of a potential couple more lbs of boost from the mods you have done
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