Scammaster numbers. 24#'s .input on knock


Its never fast enough !!
Ok so I finally have my car running somewhat good. here are my numbers..

Slowly got the boost up but thinking about backing it back down. Dont want to blow another HG. fixed all kinds of things when car was apart its never ran this well just worried about knock

o2* 812
AF* 05
L8* 33
Bat* 13.1
Int* 128
Bl* 131
Clt* 175
Ats* 105
Rpm* 825
Tps* .40
Iac* 30
Cc* 39

Wide open throttle until it maxed out rpm's @ 23#'s .. O2's * 738
Knock * 2.1

I just put my new chip in & I love it, here are my mods.

TurboTweak Custom Chip v5.6 (or upgrade)
[Car Type:86/87 Turbo Buick]
[Chip Type:Alcohol Injection]
[Upgrading an old TurboTweak chip?:Yes]
[Injector Type (part# helpful):50# delphi]
[Fuel Octane:91]
[Turbo:turbonetics 61 p trim]
[Intercooler:large FMIC]
[Torque Converter:PTS 9/11 3200 LU]
[Cylinder Heads:Race Ported polished, bigger valve & springs]
[ECM reading correct MPH?:Yes, it's within +/- 5 MPH]
[If alky injection, what kit?:razors]
[If alky, how many nozzles?:1]
[Intended max boost range:24-28]
[1/4 mile goals (if racing):mid to low 11's]
Well, that much knock retard with that much boost, you're flirting with another head gasket change REAL soon. :eek:
You've got to have zero knock, especially at that boost level. Up your alky to eliminate the knock or, like you stated, pull back on the boost.
Is there any way to tune out the knock ? Don't really want to turn my boost down. & my pump speed is on 6, do I want to actually go higher than 6 ?
I've always been told if you don't see AT LEAST 780-800 on the Scanmaster when at the top of 3rd gear, you want to let
Scanmaster numbers look good. If it is real knock, then you must back down on the boost or add more alky. Six (6) on the alky knob is just a good starting point. Remember that you use alky for knock suppression. Going from 6 to 8 on the knob isn't making a large difference at all in terms of how much alky is being sprayed (It's the "Initial" setting inside the box that really gets things flowing). Try bumping it up to (8) and see what happens. If you get no knock at all with a little more alky, then you've found your threshold.

If it is real knock, if you bump the alky knob up to, say, 8 and the knock goes away, then there's your answer. I wouldn't recommend running this close though, as you are on the "ragged edge" as some would say.

How does the knock display? Is it a consistent 2.1*? Does it just pop up and then disappear, such as when the tranny shifts? Or does it show up and "stick" throughout the run?

Sometimes O2s of 738 at WOT aren't exactly abnormal. It really has a lot to do with the way that particular sensor is calibrated and how far into a run you are. For example, at 23psi boost, you will probably notice your 02s starting out at a higher number and then slowly decreasing as the sensor heats up...which is normal. They should start somewhere in the neighborhood of the 800's though.

It's hard to tell exactly what's going on with the info given. As I said, I'd say try turning the knob all the way to (8). It's not like you'll be flooding it with alky or anything.
I've always been told if you don't see AT LEAST 780-800 on the Scanmaster when at the top of 3rd gear, you want to let


Add alky like 7 or 8
Add fuel through the chip.

Or see if your fuel pump is keeping up with your demand. meaning you should be at a solid 66 PSI fuel at 23 PSI boost.

better start rich then work your way lean. 738 is danger danger land. :eek: