Chuck Leeper

Toxic old bastard
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May 28, 2001
Just got an email that said my Paypal acct was being "accessed" for $700.
I should call this cunt and she'd make sure the money is redeposited into my acct.
Ya right bitch... I'll be happy to give you my password and acct info.
There is no money in the acct, and I just changed my pw.
These people should be bullwhipped.
They are getting pretty good at duplicating the emails from authentic companies. If I question the email, I close the email and log in from my saved link to check. 100% of the time it's a scam.
PP rules say they will NEVER call you, email you. If you get that communication, it's a fraud.
I filed a stop with PP.
There's a safer way to use PP. Instead of a password, there's a 1 time code sent to your fone.
The withdrawal is still shown as pending. I'll check it in the am.
Still there, and no reply from PP.
However, there's now an email addy under the name of the person making the email, on the PP request.