Scanmaster G Aldldroid error


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May 28, 2001
Trying to connect my Scanmaster G to my phone with Aldldroid. Have the correct ADX file but I am getting an "incorrect response length from ECU (179 vs 180)" error message. Anyone have any ideas on a solution. Tried with disable checksum validation checked and unchecked.

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send me an email, we can figure it out. ALDLDroid has been updated a couple times.

bob (at) bailey-eng (dot) com

(wierd email is to confused the spammers)

Hi Bob,
I'm getting the same error with my scanmaster g. Do you remember what the fix was? Just flashed it using SCMG_B_1_06.S19. I've tried all add files. 1 gives the error above and the other 2 won't connect at all.