Scanmaster G not reading anything right.


Jul 10, 2017
Got it hooked up but the readings make no sense. At idle it's telling me that the MAF is 0, the LV8 is 30 ish, volts are 0, INT is 0, BLM's are 0, speed is 72 mph (I'm sitting still), coolant is -40 (it's 80f outside), air temp is 0, rpm is 1625 (more like 800), tops is 5V, IAC is 0, 02cc is 0, and no codes.
Hooked up to the orange wire coming out of the ECM, pin A8, as per Bob Bailey's instructions to me. My diagnostic port is AWOL. Power and ground are proper, unit powers up, but it's not reading even remotely right.
what chip is in the car? Have you succesfully used any other scantools (probably not if the aldl port was gone)

silly question, but is this an 84/85 car?

well, theres the issue. the 84 datastream is miserable. almost no information in the regular datastream, in the 10K mode you get more data, but the engine wont idle right.

you need to do as all the other 1984 guys do, and plan an upgrade to an 86/87 ECM.

I already have an 86-87 ECM ready to go but I was gonna wait until I was able to get the tt 5.7 chip and injector package from Eric. Will my stock chip work in the newer ECM? It looks like it will work, physically anyway.
Just ordered the chip and 42 lb injector combo from Eric. I expect it will take a bit of back and forth, since I have an unusual combination of fabricated parts, but I'm hoping he can get the chip close enough that I can tune it with the scanmaster from there. Once I get the chip, the new ECM will go in and I'm hoping the scanmaster will communicate well with it. Thanks for your help, Bob! I had already planned from the start to go with the newer ECM, but I was hoping to get a baseline with the stock tune to see where I was at with the new induction system. It may be a little tricky now that I'll have so many variables to deal with at once, but in the end, I know it'll be worth it. I just had it out today for a little drive and it feels very much like a stock hot air car, which is what I was hoping for. The 3" turbo back exhaust more than made up for the intercooling piping as far as spool up time, and the wastegate I have on it just happened to be set up out of the box to exceed stock boost by only a pound or two.
My scanmaster g won't communicate with aldl droid app, I've downloaded the correct file's on Bob Bailey's site but can't get it to read anything right on my 87 GN ecm.
what is it doing or not doing... did the gauge pair properly with the droid? what adx file are you using?
the TT chip and 42# injectors should be at me house by end of day tomorrow, so hopefully this weekend I'll have an opportunity to install them and report back how it's working.