Scanmaster numbers

If you intend to tune the motor and turn up the boost, seriously consider a wideband 02 sensor. The stock narrow band was made around the same time as Atari.

Good place to start your education.
The O2 sensor doesn’t work very well until it gets some heat into it unless you have a heated sensor in place of the stock one.
I think your readings are fine. If your O2 cross counts go up quickly by 12-20 digits at a time and go to 255 then start low again then the sensor should be fine. The most important thing is to do a good spring cleaning. New fuel filter, fresh oil, no exhaust leaks, fuel pressure rises 1:1 with boost, tranny fluid is not burnt, boost is being properly controlled by wastegate, no obvious electrical issues (bad grounds or other issues) and the car is running properly with no knock. Idle numbers are good for making sure there are no obvious problems and setting the IAC and TPS was a good start. It’s a good idea to figure out a way to get a fuel pressure gauge where you can see it to verify that fuel pressure rises 1 pound for each pound of boost you have. You don’t have to keep it there forever just verify what you have. Idle pressure doesn’t tell you much. While they are not cheap I have a fuel pressure gauge in each turbo car I have. It’s even better if you have a way to log it as it’s hard to drive and watch the gauge. A lack of fuel will cause detonation and get expensive quick. I would recommend that you keep a very close eye on the scan master for knock. A separate knock gauge or audiable knock alert can also help keep you from damaging your engine. The most important thing you can do is avoid knock. If your scan master shows knock get your foot off the petal. You also want to verify that your boost is being controlled, hopefully you have a working boost gauge other than the little led one on the stock dash. Stock was 12 psi and with 91-94 octane I wouldn’t want to see it above 15 psi to start with. That should give you a good start but if it’s not running right or doesn’t feel right don’t push it. Stop and read or ask questions.

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Thanks Sir, Excellent information, these cars go well beyond the wrenching bolt-on's and carburetor tuning that I was used to. I must say something about this motor is addicting, like no other. I've put on over 1,000 miles since July, and for the first time feel like she's running "right". Thanks to all the help of admin and the members on this forum, can't say it enough, from tech to parts advice this community is top notch-