Dec 14, 2001
Any one ever Sea Foam a TB? Sounds like a good product...but you know how that goes. Got a 133k on the engine and just thinkin about trying this. Any thoughts? It was recommended to clean the throttle body and sensors, thought maybe this stuff would clean out the whole system while at it.
i myself would never ever do that to my TB. now on another car sure. i have to much pride and i worry to much about my buick. If you want to clean the motor out install a alky kit and that will clean the inside up ;)
hello people; I've heard good things about that product in use in MC and cars but I have not heard any one use it on a TB. I guess your worried about carbon buidup? I don't think it would hurt anything but with the unleaded fuels and such everything should be OK. If you have a good running car it would be a waste. The stories I've heard with the product was used in there was some sort of problem usually carb. issues.
I would use it. But after using it make sure any hoses you used are firmly reattached and drive very easy for a while. We use seafoam all the time in carb'd engines and it works very well. I have never used it in my car though.
Sea Foam is the original GM upper cylinder cleaner. GM has discontinued it now but it's a good product.